Несмотря на то, что Хэллоуин в наибольше степени принадлежит англоязычным странам, в Беларуси и других странах, где русский язык является основным, этот праздник также популярен. Мы одготовили для вас Revatio buy online, Antabuse without prescription небольшую подборку русских слов на тему празднования Дня всех святых. Веселого Хэллоуина!

Весёлого Хэллоуина! [vesjologo hjellouina] – Happy Halloween!
Сладости или гадости! [sladosti ili gadosti] – Trick or Treat! – a popular Halloween custom, when children dress up in costumes and visit people’s houses in search of sweets.
День всех святых [den’ vseh svjatyh] – All Hallows Eve – another name for Halloween.

Вампир [vampir] – vampire – an undead creature who sleeps in a coffin by day, and ventures out at night to bite people and drink their blood.
Ведьма [ved’ma] – witch – a woman believed to have magical powers.
Гадости [gadosti] – tricks – practical jokes, or other acts of deception.
Клыки [klyki] – fangs – sharp, pointy upper front teeth, designed for piercing flesh.
Костюм [kostjum] – costume – a make-believe outfit, worn for fun at Halloween.
Котёл [kotjol] – cauldron – a cooking pot, used by witches to brew spells.
Кошмар [koshmar] – nightmare – a scary, bad dream.
Магия [magiya] magic – the power or ability to make things happen by casting spells, or entertaining people by performing tricks.
Метла [metla] – broom or broomstick – a type of brush with a long wooden handle, said to be used by witches to fly, according to legend.
Монстр [monstr] – monster – a fearful, horrid, imaginary creature.
Паук [pa-uk] – spider – an insect with eight legs that spins webs.
Паутина [pa-utina] – web – spiders spin these to catch flies.
Плащ [plasch] – cape – a long, voluminous outer garment, or cloak. Often worn by vampires.
Призрак [prizrak] ghost – undead spirit that haunts houses.
Свеча [svecha] – candle – a wax cylinder with a wick in the middle, that can be lit with a match to provide a source of light.
Сладости [sladosti] – sweets – sugary treats given to children at Halloween.
Страшный [strashnyj] – scary – something which is frightening.
Тыква [tykva] – pumpkin – an orange vegetable, which is often carved and hollowed out to make Halloween lanterns.
Ужасный [uzhasnyj] – creepy – unsettling, or very scary.
Чёрный кот [сhjornyj kot]  –   black cat – black cats are said to bring good luck in parts of the UK and Ireland.

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