Study in Russian school – its not only lessons with experienced teachers but immersing into the culture where everyone speaks Russian, but lives not as people in Russia. We welcome you in a small Europian country with unspoilt nature, hospitable citizens and clean cities.
There are many museums, theatres, concert halls, ice stadiums, night clubs, cafes and restaurants. At weekends many excursions to ancient architectual momunets and rural villages are held. You can feel the traditional life and take part in national crafts.

Our school supports our students in searching the accommodation and organising of cultural programme. We collaborate with hostels, hotels and estate agencies and we are very glad to welcome our guests.

If you book our service in advance you will know the address, price and the possibility of extra service. We try to find the families and personell who speak English but advice to use Russian more.

The prices on our sites are not exact, it depends on the type and place of living.At Leader, we understand that where you live and what you eat are equally as important as your lessons when you study abroad. We offer four main types of accommodation and, whatever you choose, we will do our utmost to ensure that your temporary home meets your personal needs. Alternatively, you may arrange your accommodation independently, if you so wish.

Choose any type of accommodation!


Accommodation in a family of native speakers – the most popular option of placement for students of Russian as foreign language. After all familiarizing with life of real «users» of language gives the chance to practice language skills in the habitat. Our school of Russian cooperates with residents of Minsk who are ready to observe arrangements on placement conditions accurately. We carefully control implementation of all agreements concerning our listeners.
The standard of accommodation in a family means that the certain room with a bed and fresh linen, opportunity to use kitchen and a bathroom will be provided to you. You should conform to some house rules of a host (usually they concern smoking areas and restriction for noisy occupations). In exchange on these restrictions you receive a maximum care from a family at a very low price of accommodation. Minsk citizens who accept students of Russian courses for foreigners are very sociable.
Of course, it is better to do in Russian: after all you come to Belarus for language practice. However for adaptation of beginners we select the families with basic knowledge.Be sure that you will understand each other!

In hotel

Minsk guests can choose different hotels. There are some 5 Stars hotels and 4 stars hotels and many 3 stars hotels.

Staying in a 3 star hotel includes hot shower, TV, telephone, fridge, soap, shampoo, it is cleaned every day. The hotel includes a car parking, a restaurant, and a bar. The rooms can be silgle or double. The breakfats is also included.

In the hotels without category you can face the absence of some facilities, but the process will be cheap.

If you are ready to pay you can stay in comfortable 4 stars and 5 star hotels like «Crown Plaza» and «Europe», «Victoria». Right upon check-in you will be pleasantly surprised that all the finest facilities and thoughtful details you demand are at your disposal at these hotels in Minsk.

We offer our clients different hotels. The prices in the calculator are average for 3 Star hotels. The exact price depends on the chosen hotel

In hostel

In Minsk today — there are about 20 hostels offering not expensive housing for travelers. Accommodation in hostel means that you share the room with several people. In a room there will be a minimum furniture, one bathroom usually for some rooms. It will be possible to cook food on the common equipped kitchen. Beds are often two-stored, the fresh linen is given.

In hostel, as a rule, there is a big lobby: you can watch TV, play board games. Accommodation in hostel is preferred by the most sociable students of Russian as foreign language who are pleased with new acquaintances or neighbors.
The educational centre Leader cooperates with comfortable hostels near the center of Minsk. The price vary from 7$ for one bed in 4-8 beds room to 20$ for the cost of a single room with double bed. You can share it with other student as well.


Many students of Russian as foreign language prefer accommodation in apartments.
Apartments for the pupils of Russian for foreigners courses are equipped with all household appliances, necessary for life, kitchen and tableware, owners, as a rule, provide regular change of linen.

In Minsk for temporary placement apartments with the different level of comfort, from standard to luxury range are offered. In our price list the average cost of accommodation is specified in the standard one-room apartment.

The real price depends on the location, quality of equipment, number of rooms and the size of a living space. It is possible to divide expenses on the apartment between several residents: then everyone occupies one room in the apartment, and the kitchen and a bathroom are in common use.

We recommend placement in the apartment to students of Russian as foreign language, already having basic knowledge of Russian and confident in the ability to orient in the city independently , to make purchases and to use public transport. For such listeners we are ready to find the apartments in any district of Minsk, with necessary facilities.


Now it became much easier to study at the school of Russian “Leader”! Because it will take less time to prepare all the necessary documents.Starting from the 27th of July of the year 2018 it is possible to stay in Belarus 30 days without visa for those coming to Belarus via Minsk National Airport.

The decree about 30 days visa-free stay was signed on the 24th of July and came into force on the 27th of July of the year 2018 after the publication on the legal portal of the country.

The citizens of 74 states have a right to enter and exit the country without a visa. The period of visa-free stay includes up to 30 calendar days, the first day is your arrival day, and the last day is the departure day.The visa-free stay cannot be extended beyond 30 days.

What the foreigners must have for visa-free-staying:

• a valid passport or another ID document for traveling abroad with the term of validity not less than 90 days after the expected departure date from the Republic of Belarus
• money (equivalent to at least two base amounts for each day of stay in the foreign currency or Belarusian rubles(now base amount is 49 belorussian roubles) or 50 base amounts(1225 roubles), if the period of staying is full 30 days),
• medical insurance active in Belarus for no less than €10, 000., which covers all the period of staying.

The aim of the visit can be different, for example, tourism, business, or study, if the period of activity doesn’t exceed 30 days. 30 days visa free stay is not applicable for those coming in Belarus for job placement, long term studies and business activities.

Foreign citizens planning to stay in Belarus over five business days should register with the internal affairs bodies at their place of stay in the country.When staying at a hotel, hostel, sanatorium or other accommodation facilities, the management of the facilities is responsible for the tourist’s registration during check-in by default.