Please try to answer all 80 questions without the help of a grammar book or dictionary and limit yourself to 30 minutes.
The following multiple-choice test was developed with the aim of determining your approximate level of Russian according to the European Language Portfolio.

The test consists of 80 questions in a progressive order from beginner level (A1) to lower advanced (B2+). The test embraces both grammatical and lexical aspects for each level.
The number of questions to suit every level

A1: 23 questions
A2: 28 questions
B1: 21 questions
B2: 8 questions

The meaning of results

A1: 5-8 points
A2: 9-39 points
B1: 40-117 points
B2: 118-170 points


Russian as a Foreign Language Free Test Online by Educational centre Leader is intended for the foreign students, who are studying Russian on the courses, with a teacher on Skype, or independently. Each student has to pass Russian Test in order to identify the accurate language level, which helps to put a student into the right group. In case when student wants to take individual classes, the results of Free Russian Online Test will allow the teacher to create a special program, which can help to adapt to the learning process quickly. Also, according to the results of Free Russian Online Test the teacher of the Russian Skype courses can offer a student particular textbook and exercises. Apart from that, Free Russian Online Test helps the students, who are studying Russian independently to identify the language level they’ve reached.
You can pass a test after the registration, you will get the results after you finish.
The study is held in our centre in all groups levels: from A1 (Breakthrough) to C2 (Mastery). If you have never learned Russian language we strongly recommend you to start with A1 level. On this level much attention is paid to the phonetics, thats why some people who want to improve the pronounciation choose this level.

The meaning of results

For more exact level possession it’s better to speak with a teacher (in Skype).